sabato 15 agosto 2009

Autospec for Rails + libnotify on ubuntu howto

Hallo! After a couple of hours of work I finally managed to get autospec popup notifications on my ubuntu machine. Now I can start autotest in the background, and whenever I save a file into my project folder, after a few seconds I receive a notification message on my desktop about the tests.
Here are the steps to get the same result:

  1. install the required gems (ZenTest, and obviously rspec and rspec-rails);
  2. sudo aptitude install libnotify-bin;
  3. edit the file .autotest in your home folder (I said home, not the root of your project!) with the content from this link:
  4. save the two pictures rails_ok.png and rail_fail.png from and put them into your ~/Pictures/rails folder.
At this point you are supposed to only run autospec in your project root folder, save a file and see a notification like the one at the top of this article! Happy BDD!

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