giovedì 30 settembre 2010

Format the results of a MySQL query like MySQL! In Rails!

It may happen that you need to display the results of a MySQL query on a page. E.g., your customer asks you to add a report on a page, and you don't want to build a custom template, but just write the query and see the results.

We can do this easily thanks to the terminal-table gem (see This gem allows printing an ASCII table, just like the one you see when you use MySQL from the terminal. Look at its page on GitHub to see how easy it is.

To integrate it with MySQL and Rails, we can use ActiveRecord::Base.connection.execute("some_sql_query"). This method extracts the result of our query to a Mysql::Result object, which consists of a set of hashes with the results of the query. We can navigate through this hashes iterating over the all_hashes method, and throw these results into a table. Here's the code:

So all we need to do is include our module and call the method print_results_of_query. Look at this example in script/console:

All you have to do if you want to put this in a page is wrap it into <% and %> markers in your .html.erb template. Have fun!

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  1. Ubercool! I didn't know about the terminal-table gem. Watch out though, I think it breaks when the query returns 0 rows :-)

  2. @xpmatteo
    Thanks, I updated the code to fix this :)