mercoledì 10 settembre 2008


Task: Try to write a more complicated Jira plugin.

Again, the Jira developer resources SUCK. They provide a developer toolkit without any readme file. They provide plugin examples that don't build. They don't provide any step-by-step tutorial or explanation about how to do things. It's like trying to study marine biology, fishing on a lonely ship in the middle of the ocean.

The provided helper command "mvn eclipse:eclipse"should generate an eclipse project file for a new plugin. Ok, every time I launch it, it downloads more than an hundred MBs from the web. No matter if the files are already in the local repository: it *has* to download them again. I'm getting sick wasting my time waiting for a damn helper tool to finish.

Update: reading in some forum comments (yeah, not in official documentation, in comments!) I found out that jira/atlassian plugins have to be built with the version 1.x of Maven. Amazing. The newest version, 2.0.x, is not working anymore; it's kind of a completely different application. This thing should be written in capital letters with a huge font in EVERY developer page. Instead, it's in a forum comment. Great work, atlassian guys! What a wonderful documentation you have!

Then I tried to build a plugin, this time successfully. However, I can't understand the parameter-passing format of the velocity templates. There's a variable being printed correctly without being assigned anywhere; and assigning manually a value to a variable is not working. Still searching for a solution on this. This should be a i18n (internationalization) variable, and I can't find any documentation about this.

Still stuck on the i18n issue. Posted a question about this on the atlassian jira forum:

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