martedì 9 settembre 2008


Writing a sample Jira plugin:

Found a great tutorial for a "hello, world" servlet plugin: Sample hello world plugin tutorial
However be careful if you copy'n'paste from this tutorial, cause the syntax is a little messed up from the blog platform.

Maven sucks!
At compile time it doesn't check if the xml files provided are valid. It says everything is ok, then when you start the tomcat server you have to discover by yourself what is stopping it from loading, searching in the start log. What a PITA!

After 4 pomodori I finally managed to get a working plugin. This whole thing is a mess. Just to get an "Hello, world!" string on my Jira front page I had to write around 70 lines of code in many different files. Ok, it's only my second day of work on this subject; but the lack of informations (the *simple* ones) is getting me mad.

Here is the link to the jar file I generated. Install it as usual in your jira installation to try it.

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