venerdì 19 settembre 2008

Today's work

Today we worked on the project addressbookcouchdb4j. It's an explanation project for the couchdb4j libraries, and I hope it will prove itself useful for anybody trying to work on couchdb in Java.

I found some difficulties in this work. Some were due to my not perfect knowledge of java; some others to the lack of documentation on both couchdb and the libraries. However I contacted Marcus Breeze, the developer of couchdb4j, and he explained us something we missed. Maybe we could join our works to help the couchdb user base: thanks a lot Marcus!

The current state of our work can be seen easily at the following address:

Feel free to clone the hg repository if you want to sneak at the code ;)

Actually our code allows to insert, remove and list elements into a simple couchdb database. It's an addressbook - jeje, not so original, but it was the simplest test case that came to our mind. We'll add some more functions in the next days, so stay in touch!

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